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T.M.Y's CO.,Ltd. showcases the high level of made-in-Japan sheepskin leather from Tokyo to the world.

We are working on improving the quality of our products every day by day.

Leather is not just a material to shape and form products.

Through leather making, we aim to convey our messages:

1. Respect nature and make products that coexist with nature.

2. Learn the importance of things and the value of life

3. Take root in the community and create communication beyond generations and industries.


“Since we started our business about 100 years ago, we are confident that we have accumulated our leather-making experience and brushed up our techniques over the years.

Our main product is sheep leather, but we also deal with horse, cow, and buffalo leather, processing leather of various sizes, foiling, and filming.

In response to the needs of the times, we are always prepared to meet the customer’s requests throughout the processes with sincerity.

To achieve this, we will continue developing new facilities and connections within the industry and take on new challenges beyond boundaries.

We will never stop seeking the fascination of leather and strive to produce the best of the best.”

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3-14-21 Higashisumida, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0042

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business hours : 

9:00 - 17:30

T.M.Y's Co.,Ltd.


Company name: T.M.Y’ s CO.,LTD

Founded: 1923

Business startup date: 11 November, 2006

Capital: 3 million yen

Number of employees: 12

Representative: Watanabe Morio, CEO

Affiliated organizations:

Tanners Council of Japan, Koto Leather Business Cooperative, Kanto Tanners Cooperative

Line of business:

Applying design process on leather (sheep, goat, etc.), including tanning, finishing, filming, foiling, and embossing  



1923         Founded in Honjo, Sumida Ward, by the current CEO’s grandfather.

1951        Launched leather tanning business.

            Began operation as full-fledged tanning and leather processing company.

1971        Introduced chemicals from overseas including Italy and Spain.

1980        Introduced cutting-edge Italian equipment, which was rare at the time

2005        Tanning business became independent as T.M.Y’s Co., LTD.

2020        LEATHER LAB TOKYO, a new office building was launched with the relocation of the factory.

2023        Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company



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