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Since humans started using tools, leather has been used as a material that has been used for the longest time with a viewpoint of "valuing things and life.

Human beings have a history of eating animal flesh, processing its by-product, and re-using it as "leather" for various items.

Although natural leather is not as inexpensive as many synthetic fibers and other materials used daily, it is the best sustainable material because it can be used for a long time.

LEATHER LAB TOKYO is committed to three things through leather production.


1. Importance of water / Water Purification Tank 


LEATHER LAB TOKYO takes pride in the beautiful color of leather, based on thoroughly controlled clean water and a water purification facility.

The reaction tank, the facility’s core, is where the toxic substances are removed from the sewage by causing chemical reactions using the substance on the upper deck. 

By adjusting the PH and making it neutral, the water is thoroughly cleansed so that it is even not harmful to drink.

Except for municipal facilities such as those in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and large corporations, despite the size, we are one of the few companies in Japan that has an automated water purification facility.


3. Interaction with the local community, a message for the future


Higashi Sumida, Sumida Ward, Tokyo, where LEATHER LAB TOKYO is located, is the largest leather industry area in eastern Japan.

As a company that has been manufacturing leather in this area since 1923, we are grateful for the ties with the local community and the cooperation of residents, and we are constantly thinking of how to give back.

Through leather and our facility, we aim to contribute to the community by “inspiring people to appreciate the value of things”, by organizing study tours and workshops.


2. Natural Leather Awareness Activities 


Nowadays, easy-to-use and inexpensive fabrics and materials are widely used in the general household.

The use of animal skins is often perceived together with the limited image of the history of illegal production, such as the overhunting of animals.

However, the beauty of leather is that it can be used for a long time.

Leather is produced with a mind to use every part of the animal's life with great care and can be used from generation to generation. The longer it is used, it becomes even more attractive and valuable than new leather.

We want to convey this message through various activities.


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